Message from Superintendent - July 14, 2020

An Important Message regarding 2020-2021

School year opening!


 Hello, Families and Staff,


We have hot off the press updates, and the final plan will be posted to our website as soon as final approvals are given. The plan includes CDC requirements for social distancing and the use of PPE. Note that students who require personal assistance in the instructional and Living and Learning Centers settings will have that with the understanding that 6-foot distance is not possible. The use of PPE affords some protection.


Students/staff who have any symptoms or exhibit even one symptom of COVID must either remain at home or return home following guidelines in the plan.


There will be personal concerns to be addressed.  Don’t hesitate to state concerns and needs as we get students back into the instructional process.  Anxiety is a very real factor and psychological stress cannot be ignored. We will find the best way for every family, student, and staff person.


The proposed start date for teachers is the original start date Monday, July 27.  Professional Learning and meetings will be online, but staff may work at school using CDC protocols during preplanning weeks as needed for student instruction preparation.  Our first order of business instructional is to provide a plan for DL such that students are not logged in to 7 classes daily.


We are reaching out to families again to update Distance Learning (DL) or onsite preferences.  Student start date is requested to be pushed to August 24, giving additional weeks for teacher preparation for DL and onsite instruction and keeping safety top priority.  We encourage students who need assistance with the DL platform to come to school on-site for the first 2 weeks.  The students may attend GAB for technology training to become proficient in the skills listed below.  We will devise a plan for guardians to receive training on the platform virtually or onsite. A number of our students do not need this assistance as they have used the platform successfully in spring COVID DL.


Skills addressed are:

·      Log on to the Microsoft Teams platform

·      Navigate the platform  (chat, assignments, and videos)

·      Submit assignments

·      Check for updates

·      Attend virtual class


Tyrene is reaching out to affected counties to ensure their transporting students per our adjusted start dates, as counties are grappling with the safest measures for their staff and students.


We extend students/families' choice of on-site or distance learning from  August 24 to October 23, 2020,  end of our 1st  nine-week grading period, and will re-evaluate as the weeks progress toward that time. If you would like to change your selection of DL or on-site instruction, or if you originally selected “hybrid,”  email Tyrene Neil so that we can be prepared.


Stay tuned for additional updates by email, website, and case manager contacts.  Please email me at with individual considerations to take into account for students or staff members.  


Thank you to families and staff who responded to surveys to help us with this guidance.  We will convene IEP meetings for specialized planning if needed moving forward.



Cindy Gibson


        (478) 751-6083  X 1110


Parents - Please contact Jennifer Minter 
(Parent Mentor/Family Engagement Specialist)
for any additional questions at:
478-262-3303 (mobile)
478-751-6083 Extension 1140