• GAB has General Music, Choral Music, and Drum Classes.

    Classes follow Georgia Performance Standards. They are performance classes that focus on objectives in music addressing:

    • Artistic Skills and Knowledge: Creating, Performing, Producing Historical and Cultural Contexts

    • Georgia Performance Standards may be found at http://www.georgiastandards.org/

    • The Expanded Core Curriculum for students with visual impairments 

    Grades are calculated based on participation, rehearsal, performance test, performances, and skills assessments. 


    1.  Participation/Rehearsal = 90%

    Daily participation, including rehearsal practice, is an important part of a student’s grade.  Participation grades include at home or in the cottage practice and weekly daily activities. 


    2.  Performance Tests/Performances/Skill Assessments = 10%

    Students’ performance tests and performances are vital to the curriculum and to the class. 



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Catherine Holloway

Youngest of five siblings and the only girl, she hails from Atlanta, Georgia and is the Music Director at Georgia Academy for the Blind in Macon, Georgia. A graduate of Mercer University and Georgia College and State University, Catherine holds a bachelor and masters degree in Music Education with a concentration in choral studies and piano performance.  She has been teaching for 10 years with experience in Bibb and Houston County.  She has been nominated and was a semifinalist for the Music Educator’s Innovator Award for 2020 and still continues to invest in her students.  She loves her job and tries to make the arts part of her everyday life.  Catherine enjoys participating in community theater and has been in many productions at theaters in Macon, GA and Griffin, GA.  She is married to Bryson Holloway, whom she met in choir at Mercer University. She shares with her husband a passion for the arts as well as three dogs, one cat, a baby girl named Annie and a baby boy named Dane.