• Low Vision Clinics/Evaluations

    A collaborative team conducts low vision evaluations, involving the student, a licensed Low Vision Optometrist, Educational Program Specialists, the student's TVI, and family members. Individuals receive personalized recommendations for specialized magnifiers, telescopes, and protective sunglasses, which are offered free of charge. 


    VI Assistive Technology Needs Assessments

    The Smokey Powell Center's Educational Program Specialists provide AT needs assessments at the student's school or remotely to determine the appropriate vision-specific technology solutions for each student. This is done with input from the student's educational team. 


    Equipment Loans

    The center's loan program allows students to try out recommended equipment. This helps the LEA avoid purchasing costly equipment until its benefits for the student are proven. 


    Outreach Services

    • The Outreach Educational Program Specialists from Smokey Powell provide virtual and onsite support.


    • Professional learning classes are offered virtually and on-site, for TVI's & COMS, to address the unique educational needs of visually impaired students.