• GAB Goalball

    Goalball is a team sport designed for athletes who are blind or visually impaired. Goalball was invented in 1946 by World War II veterans who had lost their sight but still wanted to participate in an exciting sport when they returned home from war.  During the game, all players must wear black-out eye-shades at all times to ensure all the athletes remain on a level playing field. Teams consist of 6 players, but only 3 play at a time.  One person is in the center while each of the other players take a wing. All 3 players start positioned on their knees or close to the ground since their bodies are what they use to block the ball and guard the goal.  The object of the game is to roll a ball into the opponent's net and score. The ball has bells inside and no talking is allowed during the game so the players can hear the location of the ball at all times.

    This year our goalball girls' and boys' teams both traveled to Alabama to compete in the Lakeshore Goalball Tournament.  This was the first year any of the students on the team competed in the tournament and they all performed amazingly.  Both teams finished in 3rd place overall.

    We were also lucky enough to send our girls’ senior goalball team to Texas this year to compete in the National Goalball Tournament with teams from all over the country.  After a long and hard-fought weekend, our girls were able to secure 3rd place and the bronze medal.