• GAB Track

    The track season typically begins in February soon after SCASB. The students will begin training for events that they will compete in the spring track SCASB held in April. Track SCASB events are adapted for students with visual impairments. There are two classes of participants. The ‘A’ Class participant is a student with very limited or no vision. The ‘A’ Class participants will compete against other ‘A’ Class participants, blindfolded and with the assistance of a guide runner in running events. The ‘BC’ Class participant is a student with low vision. They will compete against other ‘BC’ Class participants without guides or blindfolds.

    The competition is split into track events and field events.

    The track events are the following: 60 meter dash, 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter run, 800 meter run, 1600 meter run, 100 meter relay, 400 meter relay, and shuttle relay.

    The field events are the following: shot put, running long jump, high jump, triple jump, and standing long jump.